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Predictive Maintenance

You rely on your electric motors every day to keep your operations running. That’s why it’s critical that you perform regular maintenance to avoid failure and extend their lifespan. At K&N, we use predictive maintenance schedules based on our considerable electric motor experience to plan and deliver proper care at the right time.

While maintenance can vary depending on equipment type and application, all electric motors and components should be tested and maintained on a scheduled basis to preserve motor life and efficiency.

Regular Maintenance Considerations

K&N has been providing valuable predictive and preventive maintenance services for decades. While we’ve encountered nearly every possible motor issue, several common points require closer attention:

  • Bearings
  • Motor ventilation
  • Voltage and current imbalance
  • Undervoltage and overvoltage
  • Humidity and condensation
  • Shaft current
  • Alignment

Predictive Maintenance Testing

By monitoring and watching for common issues, we can reduce overall maintenance costs by detecting issues before they hurt your operations. We utilize several tests to achieve a comprehensive understanding of your maintenance needs, including:

  • Baker AWA-IV Testing
  • Baker Online Explorer Testing
  • PP185
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Laser Alignment
  • Shaft current grounding
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Thermography
  • Circuit Breaker Testing / Repair
  • Tribology (oil analysis)
  • CGFI (Ground Fault Testing)

Remote Monitoring

K&N recognized years ago the value of monitoring for motor health. Now we have that ability available by adding wireless sensors to your motors converting them into smart, connected devices. Sensors enable you to monitor the health of your motors and to plan maintenance in advance. Unplanned downtime can be avoided, efficiency optimized and safety improved. The sensors are compatible with a wide range of already installed motors and can accurately measure key parameters at customizable intervals.

If you’re searching for an electric motor resource with decades of proven excellence installing and maintaining the industry’s best equipment, call K&N Electric today at (509) 838-8000. With locations in the Spokane and Moses Lakes regions, we are ready to provide you with the sales and service support you need.