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Motor and Apparatus Repair: Testing

No motor or apparatus repair project is complete before thorough operational testing . At K&N, we use advanced equipment available to test the performance of your motors, from 480 volts to 13,800 volts.

Testing and inspection follow each process until the work is completed. K&N has the capacity to test large electric motors at full-load and full-voltage, to ensure immediate installation and peace of mind for our customer.

Dynamic Balancing

Comprehensive Testing—In Your Facility or Ours

K&N offers scheduled on-site testing of our customers’ equipment in an effort to avoid unscheduled down time of critical equipment and halt production.

Baker AWA

We test the performance of 480 to 13,800-volt motorsin your facility or ours. We can test large electric motors at full-load and full-voltage, delivering easy-to-read, accurate reports with custom data reporting tailored to your requirements.

Baker AWA Testing, in particular, is one of our most utilized predictive maintenance testing methods. Baker AWA will diagnose any potential winding and insulation problems to avoid unscheduled downtime and/or catastrophic failures. Moreover, the following features set AWA testing apart for predictive maintenance:

  • IEEE- and IEC-compliant surge tests
  • Balance Resistance Tests
  • Insulation Resistance Tests
  • Dielectric Absorption / Polarization Index Tests
  • Step Voltage Tests

Explorer 2

One type of K&N equipment, Explorer, diagnoses rotor problems and allows for testing without opening the panel. The Explorer 2 from SKF / Baker is a dynamic analyzer used to test motors under their loaded conditions, giving valuable information such as:

  • Power Quality
  • Rotor Bar Condition
  • % Of Full Load
  • % Of Operating Efficiency
  • Torque
  • Startup Parameters
  • Thermal Overloading
  • Current Related problems


K&N uses PP185, which allows for surge testing motors 2000 HP and above. The PP185 is a SKF / Baker portable instrument used to test medium- and high-voltage windings of large machines, typically 1500 HP and larger. It has its own transformer and capacitor bank that generates enough jewels of energy to properly perform surge and high potential testing for these large machines. With its instant trip capability, it will not damage your winding.

If you’re searching for an electric motor resource with decades of proven excellence installing and maintaining the industry’s best equipment, call K&N Electric today at (509) 838-8000. With locations in the Spokane and Moses Lakes regions, we are ready to provide you with the sales and service support you need.