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K&N has the capability to rewind both AC and DC motors from fractional to 50,000 Horsepower. With a computerized Samatic winding machine to ensure repeatable quality and two Vacuum Pressure Impregnation systems, including a 10 ft vessel (Largest in the Northwest), K&N leads the way.

Our Rewinding Features

  • Standardized use of inverter duty wire
  • Winding re-design and upgrade capability
  • Access to EASA’s engineering department
  • In field rewinding through 13,800 Volt
  • Around the clock, 365-day emergency service
  • All motors and generators serviced, including induction, synchronous, wound rotor, DC, explosion proof, hermetic, and large submersibles
Other Turbine

The Electric Motor Rewinding Process

Removal or Stripping of the Winding (Coils)

K&N starts by gathering available OEM motor data to take advantage of EASA’s engineering expertise. With data collected, we remove or strip the motor core, then remove the old insulation using precision-controlled calibrated burn-off ovens. Our rewind process ensures the motor core is undamaged and the motor’s efficiency is maintained.

Inserting & Connecting New Winding

Once the electrical motor has been cleared of both insulation and old coils, the new windings are installed. K&N has developed our expertise around inserting and connecting new coils. During and after the installation of new coils, K&N runs comprehensive testing to ensure winding integrity.

Insulating the Complete Winding

After the rewinding process is complete, the insulation process can begin. K&N offers two methods of insulation, dip & bake or VPI. We have the largest Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) system in the Northwest (click here to learn more about our VPI coil insulation process).

If you’re searching for an electric motor resource with decades of proven excellence installing and maintaining the industry’s best equipment, call K&N Electric today at (509) 838-8000. With locations in the Spokane and Moses Lakes regions, we are ready to provide you with the sales and service support you need.