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Getting The Most From Electric Motors

This booklet will help you obtain the longest, most efficient and cost-effective operations from general and definite purpose electric motors with these characteristics:

  • Three-phase, squirrel-cage induction motors manufactureed to NEMA MG 1 standards
  • Power ratings from 1 to 500 HP
  • Speeds of 900 to 3600 rpm
  • Voltages up to 1000V, 50/60 Hz
  • All Standard enclosures (i.e. DP, TEFC, WPI, WPII)
  • Rolling element (ball and roller) and sleeve bearings

From Baldor OP Manual – Greasing

“Bearing grease will lose its lubricating ability over time, not suddenly. The lubricating ability of a grease (over time) depends primarily on the type of grease, the size of the bearing, the speed at which the bearing operates and the severity of the operating conditions. Good results can be obtained if the following recommendations are used in your maintenance program.”

 Table of Bearing Tolerances 6205…

The values listed in the Mounted Axial End Play columns are the calculated max and min values. If the minimum value is measured, then the dimensions of the shaft and housing should be examined because the bearing may be preloaded.

If the maximum value is measured, then the shaft and housing dimensions should be checked because the bearing may be too loose which could result in creep and excessive heat generation and eventual bearing failure.

*Shaft tolerances for inner ring rotation with a normal load. Housing tolrances are for one-oiece housings with an easily axial displaceable outer ring with a staionary outer ring load for low-noise rotation. Electric motor bearings

 Table of Relubrication Frequency

Grease Relubrication Amount

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