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Cable Drums

K&N is an experienced cable drum manufacturer that designs and manufactures smooth or grooved cable drums to your exact specifications. We are capable of machining to one of two parameters:

  • 40 ft. maximum drum length, 4 ft. maximum swing, 45,000 lbs maximum weight
  • 33 ft. maximum drum length, 8 ft. maximum swing, 80,000 lbs maximum weight

We use alloy and carbon steel to machine cable drums from forged, cast, or rolled plate and offer assembly options for bearings, seals, housings, and drive gears.

Cable Hoist Drum Solutions

Due to K&N’s years of experience you are assured our solution will perform reliably before starting the fabrication and machining process.

Cable Hoist Drum Fabrication & Manufacturing

Our highly trained craftsmen will fabricate and machine your custom cable drum to exacting specifications (including strict GSA standards). We achieve this by applying constant quality management and process controls, using step-to-step monitoring protocols to ensure every custom hoist drum is free of defects and safe for a life of reliable and lasting service.

If you need a high-capacity cable hoist drum manufacturer, call 800-346-6867 today, and we’ll show you why we’re considered the “most preferred custom drum manufacturer” by many of our customers.