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Serving the Pulp & Paper Industry


K&N is a well-established electrical motor service provider for the Pulp and Paper industry. Our over 75 years of experience includes large AC motors, wound rotor, synchronous, and DC motors. A customer-driven approach ensures a high-quality repair and reliable products.

Capabilities for the Pulp and Paper Industry

Using cutting-edge machinery and comprehensive workforce training, K&N remains fully certified to perform a wide range of capabilities that benefit the pulp and paper industry. We have become an industry leader by investing in innovative technologies and putting our customers’ needs first.

Repair and Remanufacturing of Motors and Rotating Equipment

Over the last 7 decades, we’ve installed and serviced motors ranging from low voltage, fractional horsepower to medium voltage, high horsepower. This has not only provided our team with invaluable first-hand experience, but has allowed us to expand our motor support services to include repair and remanufacturing services for the pulp and paper industry.

As the largest locally-owned electric motor shop in the Pacific Northwest, we also have the ability to repair the following rotating equipment:

  • Fans
  • Hogs
  • Gearboxes
  • Pumps
  • Aerators
  • Generators
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Dry Transformers

Field Services

  • Field Services
  • Removal, Installation, and Commissioning
  • AWA Testing (Off Line)
  • Baker Explorer Testing (On Line)
  • Thermograph
  • Vibration Analysis (Trending)
  • Laser Alignment
  • Motor Control Troubleshooting
  • Balancing
  • VFD Installation and Programming
pulp paper field frame

Retrofit Application

Retrofitting is an important process used by our customers to ensure facilities are operating at optimal capacities. With our retrofit services, our customers typically benefit from increased outputs and reduced emissions.

K&N: Responsive to All Your Pulp and Paper Needs

To K&N Electric, serving the Pulp and Paper industry means being responsive to all of your needs, from single projects to entire facility solutions. Our impressive responsiveness to your emergency breakdowns and system failures is a quality of our business that we are especially proud of. We are able to mobilize our team immediately so that we reach you within hours of your call.

If you’re searching for an electric motor service provider with specialized pulp & paper equipment experience, call K&N Electric today at (509) 838-8000. Our Spokane and Moses Lakes regions facilities utilize a customer-driven approach to selling and servicing large AC motors, wound rotor, synchronous, and DC motors designed specifically for you.