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Serving the Petrochemical Industry

K&N serves the Petrochemical industry from both of our locations, specializing in rebuilding driven equipment. With our over 75 years of experience, our company is thoroughly equipped to handle any challenge the petrochemical industry throws our way. Explore the many capabilities our team uses to serve your industry:

Our Capabilities for the Petrochemical Industry

Repair and Remanufacturing for Motors

For over seven decades K&N has installed and serviced motors ranging from low voltage, fractional horsepower to medium voltage, high horsepower. This has not only provided our team with invaluable first-hand experience, but has allowed us to expand our motor support services to include repair and remanufacturing services for the petrochemical industry. 

UL Certified For Explosion Proof Motors

We are capable of repairing explosion proof motors of all sizes and types when required by our customers. Moreover, we understand the importance of meeting the quality standards for the petrochemical industry in particular, which is why K&N is UL-certified for these services.

Turnkey Crane Upgrades and Retrofits

Our company has an excellent reputation for rebuilding and upgrading refinery cranes, differentiating K&N from many competitors, allowing for increased safety and productivity.

On-Site Testing

We provide on-site, state-of-the-art electrical testing with our AWA (Advanced Winding Analyzer) and Explorer (Full Circuit dynamic motor tester). By providing thorough electrical testing, K&N ensures that every piece of equipment is in top condition and is performing at peak efficiency rates.

Predictive Maintenance 

A key way K&N serves its customers is by providing predictive maintenance. By employing on-site services, such as AWA testing, laser alignment and vibration analysis, we are able to address potential equipment failures before they occur. This minimizes overall downtime for our petrochemical industry customers, and reduces expensive repair costs.

petrochemical motor repair

K&N: Responsive to All Your Emergency Petrochemical Needs

To K&N Electric, serving the petrochemical industry means being responsive to all of your needs, from single projects to entire facility solutions. Our impressive responsiveness to your emergency breakdowns and system failures is one strength of our business that we are especially proud of. We are able to mobilize our team immediately so that we reach you within hours of your call.

If you’re searching for an electric motor resource with specialized Petrochemical motor installation and service capabilities, call K&N Electric today at (509) 838-8000. Our Spokane and Moses Lakes regions provide sales and service support for all types of motors, ranging from low voltage and fractional horsepower to medium voltage and high horsepower.