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Serving the Nuclear Power Industry


K&N provides reliable electric motor service that the nuclear power industry can depend upon. With a quality management system that ensures safety standards are met at all times, we provide our customers with high-quality service. Our technicians and engineers professionally and efficiently address everything from dynamic balancing and laser alignment to field rewinds and large crane modernizations.

Capabilities that Serve the Nuclear Power Industry

Quality Control

Quality control is a key capability that K&N employs for every project we work on, including Nuclear Power Industry projects. Our procedures include:

  • Written Quality Control Procedures
  • EASA Accredited
  • Extensive Redundant Check System
  • Scheduled Equipment Calibration
  • Factory / EASA Training

Repair and Remanufacturing

When it comes to providing service to the Nuclear Industry, K&N has considerable experience with Class I repair of emergency back-up cooling generators, meaning we are certified to work on projects directly related to Public Safety. Beyond just generators, we can repair or remanufacture a variety of other nuclear industry apparatuses at our facility, including the following:

  • AC Motors to 50,000 HP
  • DC Generators
  • Synchronous Motors
  • Wound Rotor Motors
  • Vertical Motors
  • Explosion Proof Motors
  • Pumps
  • Transformers

K&N: Responsive to All Nuclear Industry Emergency Needs

To K&N Electric, serving the Nuclear Power industry means being responsive to all of your needs, from single projects to entire facility solutions. Our impressive responsiveness to your emergency breakdowns and system failures is a quality of our business that we are especially proud of. We are able to mobilize our team immediately so that we reach you within hours of your call.

If you’re searching for a nuclear industry electric motor resource offering complete services ranging from dynamic balancing and laser alignment to field rewinds and large crane modernizations, call K&N Electric today at (509) 838-8000. We provide outstanding personalized sales and service support from our Spokane and Moses Lakes regional facilities.