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Serving the Metal Industry


A large part of our past, present, and future is service and repair for primary metal producers. This work comes from aluminum reduction plants and rolling mills, steel recyclers and rolling mills, and silver, copper and gold producers.

The diverse applications and extreme conditions present at these sites require that both motors and driven equipment be remanufactured to the highest standards. We have earned a reputation in this industry for reliability and on time service.

K&N: Responsive to All Your Emergency Metal Needs

To K&N Electric, serving the metal industry means being responsive to all of your needs, from single projects to entire facility solutions. Our impressive responsiveness to your emergency breakdowns and system failures is one strength of our business that we are especially proud of. We are able to mobilize our team immediately so that we reach you within hours of your call. For minimal down time, rely on the speedy service K&N provides.


Repair and Remanufacturing

K&N provides repair and remanufacturing services for all types of equipment, and we are specifically suited to work on motor equipment projects. Over the years, we’ve installed and serviced motors ranging from low voltage, fractional horsepower to medium voltage, high horsepower.

Moreover, we offer on-site services for both motors and controls, whether they are needed during the repair process or at the beginning of a project. Our skills are not limited to motors and controls, either—K&N continues to serve the metal industry by rebuilding pumps and fans when the needs arise.


Custom Seal Systems

K&N has developed our capabilities to include customization options. In the case of metal work industry projects, we commonly produce custom seal systems to protect internal components used by our customers. At K&N, we tailor our abilities to your specific needs. Allow us to be of service to you and your unique projects.

508 UL Certified Panel Shop

K&N is proud to serve our customers with the use of a 508 UL certified panel shop. Our team follows the accreditation program closely to ensure that we continually meet the industry standards for both the mass-production and custom design of control panels, especially for the metal working industry.

Design and Fabrication of VFD Systems

Whether you require a by-pass starter or dual VFD, K&N’s team of experts has you covered. During the design and fabrication process, we are able to quickly determine whether a project is a critical-need application. Ultimately, we provide you with VFD systems that are suited to your project’s unique needs. 

Turnkey Upgrades of Crane Systems

K&N has provided crane rehabilitation and modernization services since 1991. Turnkey services include project management, estimating, quality control, engineering, design, fabrication and machining, field mechanical and electrical installation, crane control start-up, load testing and operational support.

  • Thermocouples
  • Pyods
  • 3500 HP DC steel mill drive motor

If you’re searching for a responsive electric motor resource with decades of experience serving the metal industry, call K&N Electric today at (509) 838-8000. Our Spokane and Moses Lakes locations have been working with reduction plants and rolling mills, steel recyclers and rolling mills, and silver, copper, and gold producers for over 65 years.