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Serving the Agriculture Industry

K&N has been designing, building, and installing control panels in the agriculture market for over 20 years. K&N’s trained technicians can do both static and dynamic testing for all of your critical motors and controls. Our team readily meets critical pump and pump motor needs, whether in the heat of the summer or during the downtimes in winter. Predictive —- connection with field service

K&N: Responsive to All Your Agriculture Needs

To K&N Electric, serving the Agriculture industry means being responsive to all of your needs. K&N can handle all your motor/pump repair requirements, from the smallest centrifugal pump to the largest turbine pumps.

This ability to provide effective and timely service is especially important for irrigators in the agriculture industry. We work directly with their pump maintenance providers, often working to overhaul and repair pumps quickly and efficiently. Because our technical representative is based in Missoula, our services are available at a moment’s notice, and deadlines are always met in a timely manner.

Using State-of-the-Art Equipment to Expand Our Agricultural Capabilities

Using state-of-the-art equipment and thorough training, K&N remains fully certified to perform vibration analysis, laser alignment, and thermography. We have become the leader in the industry by investing in these cutting-edge technologies.

Repair and Remanufacturing for Agricultural Industry Equipment

For over 75 years, we’ve installed and serviced motors ranging from low voltage, fractional horsepower to medium voltage, high horsepower. This has not only provided our team with invaluable first-hand experience, but has allowed us to expand our motor support services to include repair and remanufacturing services for the agriculture industry. Specifically, we service a wide range of electric motors, including Induction, Synchronous, Wound rotors, Horizontal, and Vertical motors.

Predictive Trending

agriculture pump repair

K&N provides yearly trending reports with our main goal being that we would schedule refurbishments with our customers before any pieces of critical equipment have the opportunity to break down and halt our customers’ workflow. This type of field testing is made possible through the use of Baker AWA equipment, vibration analysis, and our team of experts.

Baker Advanced Winding Analyzer

Our Baker Advanced Winding Analyzer (AWA) will diagnose any potential winding and insulation problems to avoid unscheduled downtime and/or catastrophic failures.

Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis and trending enables motors and pumps to reach their maximum life expectancy while minimizing unscheduled outages and failures. The data collected can be used to diagnose both mechanical and electrical issues.

Laser Alignment

Laser Alignment ensures the smooth operations of the motor and pump by eliminating unwanted vibrations, shaft flex, and premature bearing failure. Proper alignment reduces your power consumption significantly.

If you’re searching for reliable electric motor services with decades of proven excellence installing and maintaining equipment for the agriculture industry, call K&N Electric today at (509) 838-8000. Our Spokane and Moses Lakes offices are ready to provide you with the sales and service support you need.