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K&N: The Electric Motor Shop that Delivers

K&N is the largest locally-owned electric motor shop in the Pacific Northwest. We utilize a state-of-the-art repair-based machining facility to provide a complete range of refurbishment and fabrication services for your critical industrial equipment.

Trust a Time-Tested Electric Motor Shop

Backed by over 75 years of precision-based production solutions, K&N has established itself as one of America’s leading remanufacturers and distributors of electric motors, turbine and split case pumps and power-driven equipment since 1946.

Our Versatile Repair and Manufacturing Capabilities

apparatus repair


The K&N electric motor shop provides full service and restoration solutions for all of your electrical components including AC/DC motor repair, gearbox repair and transformer rewinding.



K&N’s fabrication efforts center around the specific and unique requirements of our customers. From custom crane cabs and drums to dam screen cleaners and trash rakes, our company appreciates the challenge of retrofitting your facility or installing your custom-designed system.

machine shop


At K&N, we can perform a range of precision electric motor machining processes. Many of our customers have also come to rely on our custom machine shop for a myriad of their non-motor related mechanical needs.

Field Services


K&N takes our full-service testing, troubleshooting, maintenance, repair and service packages on the road to your facility. We can find the problem and fix it.

Precision Quality, Consistency and Reliability Guaranteed

K&N strives to provide unparalleled quality with every piece of industrial equipment we fabricate or remanufacture. Our repair shop has been awarded full accreditation by the Electrical Apparatus Service Association under its Service Center Accreditation Program.

EASA Accredited Member

Responsive Customer Service

K&N is an electric motor shop that provides everything you need to service and support electric motors, pumps, and motor controls. Our technicians and engineers professionally and efficiently address everything from dynamic balancing and laser alignment to field rewinds and large crane modernizations.

UL Certified


K&N stocks a full inventory of quality replacement parts and components to repair, replace, upgrade or modernize electric motors, pumps and control equipment. Contact our friendly sales department to see how we can enhance your production.

Our Projects

EASA Accredited Member
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