We have the capability to rewind both AC and DC motors from fractional to 50,000 Horsepower. With a computerized Samatic winding machine to ensure repeatable quality and two Vacuum Pressure Impregnation systems, including a 10 FT vessel (Largest in the Northwest), K&N leads the way.

Some of the other factors that enable us to stand out are:

  • Standardized use of inverter duty wire
  • Winding re-design and upgrade capability
  • In house electrical engineering
  • Access to EASA's engineering department
  • In field rewinding through 13,800 Volt
  • Around the clock, 365 day emergency service
  • All motors and generators serviced, including induction, synchronous, wound rotor, DC, explosion proof, hermetic, and large submersibles

Recent accomplishments:

  • Complete rewind of a 3,500 HP DC mill drive motor for a large steel mill, including having special trapezoidal wire manufactured
  • Stator, rotor, and exciter rewind of a 2,500 HP vertical, synchronous motor
  • Rewind of an 8 megawatt, 3600 RPM, 13,800 Volt, turbine generator