Other Projects

General Dynamics, Inflation Systems—Develop and automate charge system process control to PLC based system and integrate into existing plant protocol

Lower Granite Turbine Runner Rebuild—Manufacture, Machine and supply all replaced components for turbine runner including large bore, 46" bushings, linkages and OEM replacement parts

Rock Island Dam Tailrace Unit Dewatering Pumps and Control—Manufacture, Install and commission critical redundant PLC control, interfaced with plant operating and monitoring systems

Ice Harbor Dam Switchgear relay replacement and retrofit—Replacement of outdated protective relays and controls to SEL systems

Dalles 100 Ton Intake Gantry Crane Modernization—Complete mechanical and electrical modernization of Hydro plant gantry crane

Rocky Reach 01-50 Juvenile Fish Bypass Project—Design, Manufacturing, Installation and Testing of equipment for final developed bypass system. Radial gates and control, hydraulic systems, PLC control System and Main power Systems.

McNary Dam Cranes Rehabilitation—Complete mechanical and electrical rehabilitation and upgrade for 2 powerhouse bridge cranes 350Ton, 1 draft tube Gantry, 20Ton and 1 Intake Gantry Crane,140 Ton

Cougar Dam Crane Uprate—Rehabilitation and control upgrades for re-rate from 60 to 62.5 Ton Capacity, utilizing flux vector VFD system.

Little Goose Dam, Intake Gantry Modernization—Complete design and electro - mechanical crane upgrade of 100 Ton gantry crane.

Chief Joseph Dam, Bridgeport, WA: Crane Modernization—Intake Gantry with main, aux and hammerhead hoists, two 165T Powerhouse Bridge, and Tailrace Gantry Cranes: Design through certification

Equilon Refinery, Anacortes, WA: Crane Modernization—17T Coke Pit Semi Gantry Crane.

Idaho Forest Industries, Coere d'Alene, ID—Headrig Carriage Modernization Motor, reducer, wire rope drum, encoders, shafts, bearings, couplings, hydraulic take-up unit, wire rope sheaves.

Deer Island Treatment Plant, Boston, MA—Hummer Engine and Outboard Motor Engine Intake Oxygen Control System To permit diesel operation in oxygendepleted tunnel environment, a PLC-controlled valve metered O2 to the engines' inlets via feedback from an O2 sensor on the mix side. Complied with requirement that rented vehicles shall not be modified for the system installations.

Ship Model Engineering and Support Facility, Bayview, ID—Hatch winches

Bonneville Lock and Dam, Portland, OR: Crane Modernization—350T Spillway Gantry Crane.

Glenn-Calusa Irrigation District, Hamilton, CA—Fish Screen Cleaning System Largest known screen cleaner system to date

Bonneville Lock and Dam—Manufacture 4 Automated Spillway Gate Hoists 390 Ton

Rocky Reach Dam Fish Operations 2000, Wenatchee, WA—Vertical brush screen sweep (hoist) modifications: shafting, load cell modifications, guide wheels

Folsom Dam, Folsom, CA—Water Supply Intake Temperature Control Device Water quality analyzer.

Kaiser Aluminum, Spokane, WA: Crane Modernization—15T Sonic Inspection Bay Crane. Developed and installed redesign and Wrote/conducted separate certification tests.