Platforms & Walkways

Stator Platform—CustomizableStructure: Stainless, Aluminum or Steel

  • Deck Plating: Diamond Plate, Flat Plate, Fire-retardant Wood Paneling
  • Adjustable Height: Pin Connection, Hydraulics, Pneumatics
  • Adjustable Diameter: Telescoping Tubes, Hydraulics, Pneumatics
  • Safety: Fall Arrest, Guardrail & Toe Plate
  • Access: Extension Platforms, Ladders, Stairs
  • Modularity: Manageable Components (≤ 150lbs), Crane-aided (> 150lbs)
  • Technical Support: On-site Training, Assembly Assistance


In-house Engineering, Design and Fabrication

SolidWorks 3D Modeling

Detailed Product Data

Customizable Designs

Efficient Production Capabilities


In-house Finite Element Analysis

Point Load, Stress and Deflection Studies

Certified Engineer Stamped Drawings & Calculations

Production of Operations & Maintenance Manuals

Fabrication & Testing

Multi-Check Quality Control Procedures

Professional Project Management

In-house Load Testing

On-site Installation Assistance

On-site Training