Motor and Generator Projects

Synchronous Motors

Lake Chelan Reclamation Dist

2300V Sync Motor
Manson, WA.


U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

2500HP, 900RPM Sync Motor
Hermiston, OR.


Kaiser Aluminum

5900HP 514RPM 6900 Volt Sync Motor
Spokane Valley, WA 


Inland Empire Paper  

1800RPM Sync Motor
Spokane, WA.



Portland General Electric        

1200KW Sync Motor
Estacada, OR.




Energy Northwest

4650KW, 900RPM Sync Generator (Nuclear Class I)
Richland, WA.


Lake Chelan Reclamation Dist.  

800HP, 1800RPM, 2300V, 8307z Sync Motor        
Manson, WA.


Armature Repair

Oregon Steel

Rewinding of a Double Armature on a common shaft with a rating of 1750 HP per armature, totaling 3500 HP. This unit originally was used on a US Navy Submarine for their propulsion system.

3500 HP Equipment Rating
April 2009 Completion Date

Bolivar Gold Mill Expansion

Bolivar Gold

Reconditioned two Ball Mill Motors. Supplied new brushes and brush holders, and crated for shipment to job site. Rebabbitted both sleeve bearings for both motors. Rewound 1 each stator, turned rings on both. Performed final test run prior to crating and shipping.

Two 2750HP sync GE Equipment Rating
March 2004 Completion Date

Stator rewind


Cleaned, tested, treated, and balanced rotor in shop. Onsite, strip, and clean stator. Cut and install slot insulation. Insert coils, block and tie end turns, connect coils, test, treat, and bake. Retest, re-assemble unit, and align. Test run. Completed commissioning by vibration analysis and bearing. Temperature monitoring over 24-hrs.

7500KVA, 3800RPM, Steam Turbine Generator Equipment Rating
March 2009 Completion Date