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New Motors

At K&N Moses Lake, we sell quality products at competitive prices. We carry trusted brands to ensure you receive the maximum service life from your purchase, and our experienced and knowledgeable staff always provides superior service whether you are purchasing a new motor or repairing an existing one.

K&N is a proud supplier of the WEG and Baldor high-quality brands. Prefer another brand? Just ask our sales department for pricing for any brand and we will gladly offer you a quote.

Our Moses Lake location offers 24-hour emergency service to keep your operation running all hours of the day, including weekends and holidays.

New Pumps

Our Moses Lake location has built its reputation as a superior pump service and supply provider. We know you expect to work with people who do business the way you do so we always give an honest advise about which products will serve you best. Our vast experience with all types of pumps allows us to provide technical expertise and in-field experience at a moment's notice.


Finding the perfect VFD for your application can be a challenge. With so many variables to consider, who do you turn to for expert guidance? At K&N Moses Lake, we have been a leader in VFD sales and support since 1980. When you call us for your VFD needs, we will help you choose a product that meets the demands of your existing system or new specifications. If you have any questions about your VFD needs, call and speak with one of specialists right away.

LS Contactors

When you need trouble-free switching and maximum protection for your electrical equipment, K&N Moses Lake can help. We offer reliable, compact, and flexible LS Contactor products with multiple mounting and protection options. As one of the largest suppliers of LS Contactors in the Central and Eastern Washington region, we are able to provide the right equipment at the best price.


As a leading supplier of SEW brand gearboxes, K&N Moses Lake is your "best price" option when you need a gearbox for your new or existing production system. Our dealer access to the experts at SEW, along with our own in-house mechanical and electrical engineering departments, ensures your gearbox is ordered to meet your unique specifications and production demands. Because K&N is a high-volume SEW gearbox reseller, we buy at the lowest price and pass those savings directly to you. Before you pay a higher price, call K&N the next time you are in the market for a high-quality gearbox. And as always, if you require a different brand, we'll gladly offer you a best price quote.


Motor Repair

K&N has been rebuilding electric motors and generators since 1946. Our Moses Lake location services motors up to 500HP and can service motors up to 80,000 lbs. through our headquarters conveniently located in Spokane. We employee some of the highest trained technicians in the industry to "keep the wheels of industry turning" and we expertly service the following motor types:


Motor Type K&N Repair Location
AC/DC Moses Lake & Spokane
Synchronous Spokane
Wound Rotor Moses Lake & Spokane
Hermetic Moses Lake & Spokane
UL Explosion Proof Spokane

Shipping to K&N Branch Locations

We will gladly arrange field pulling, shipping, and installation for you to get your equipment to the right shop. K&N Moses Lake offers both scheduled and emergency service and repair. Call our service department at 509-765-3399 for more information.

Pump Service, Repair, and Analysis

K&N offers field service and in-house repair for a large variety of pumps including close-coupled, split-case, submersible, and turbine types. We service public utility districts as well as private land owners and have been recognized experts in pump service and repair in the Northwest for over 60 years. From the smallest centrifugal pump to the largest turbine pump, you can rest easy when the experts at K&N Moses Lake are on the job. As part of our preventative maintenance and field troubleshooting service, we also offer vibration analysis to make sure your pump reaches its maximum service life while minimizing outages.

Field Service Pulling & Installing

Who do you call when you need field service or when your equipment requires service at a shop? Your best choice is K&N. We are ready with highly qualified technicians who have spent thousands of hours repairing, pulling, and installing equipment just like yours. We plan every step in detail before the first bolt is removed and we guarantee our work no matter how big or small the job might be.

Laser Alignment

Laser alignment goes hand-in-hand with our vibration analysis service. Only through laser alignment can you be certain that your pumps, shafts, motors, and other equipment are running smooth and without destructive vibration levels, which is the number one cause of most bearing failures. An added benefit is that proper laser alignment can significantly reduce power consumption which reduces your overall operating costs. Is your equipment running as smooth as you think? Have you done everything you can to extend the service life of your equipment? The best way to find out is to call K&N Moses Lake. One of our technicians will be glad to help you, and you'll be glad you called.

The Bottom Line

K&N Moses Lake has a full machine shop, a 24/7 expert service center, knowledgeable and down-to-earth people, and competitive pricing. Our services, like dynamic balancing, help us stand out from shops that simply do not have the knowledge and support that you will only find at K&N. We always welcome your call and will gladly use our expertise to answer your questions.