Fabrication Projects

Post Street Substation Install Reactor and Switchgear Floor

Avista Corp.

This project had many challenges: it was a fast track project, performed in a dangerous electrical environment, requiring the incorporation of new structural components into a historical building and all this without interrupting the electrical power supply to the Downtown Spokane area. We were contracted to fabricate and install a new flooring system incorporating structural fiberglass and steel components. All work, including change orders, was completed within the schedule. Changes were minor and resulted from differing site conditions. A universal 3-dimensional drafting program was utilized by the design department to compile the details of materials provided from all the various suppliers. This assured a quality of detail that was outstanding and very necessary to the quick start-up and completion of the project. A sample detail is shown.

Deck Load Rating:

  • 75 psf live load with 1/8" maximum deflection
  • 150 psf live load, no deflection limitation
  • 300 lb. point load on 2" x 2" square


$180,000.00 Contract Value
2/13/04 Completion date