Crane Projects

Lower Monumental Dam 600T Crane Rehabilitation

As the prime contractor for this $3 million 600-Ton crane rehabilitation project, K&N was responsible for the planning, demolition, redesign, rebuild, acceptance testing, and commissioning of the hydroelectric dam bridge crane.  

Engineering and Design

Our engineering and design department provided recommendations to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers based on specification requirements and field service inspections.  Upon acceptance, recommendations were implemented into the project by our engineering and design team who also produced the complex jacking plan required to replace the bridge trucks.

Manufacturing and Fabrication

Utilizing our 58,000sf manufacturing facility, K&N manufactured, fabricated, and pre-assembled many crane components including bridge trucks, operator’s cab, platforms, and access ladders.  This project also included the fabrication of a temporary platform suspended from the crane girders.  The platform was used during the complete BUSS replacement and then removed prior to crane testing. 

Electrical Panels and Controls

Cougar Dam Bridge Crane Rerate

U.S.A.C.E. Portland District

This project required the retrofit of controls and equipment for rerating the bridge crane from 60T capacity to 62.5T capacity. Provided mechanical, structural and electrical modifications as follows: perform pre-rehabilitation inspection and report, remove all power and control systems including motors, drive systems, conduit, and wiring, and remove the back panels in existing control cabinets leaving the cabinets to be re-used. Design, fabricate and install new master switch console. Design, furnish, and install AC variable frequency vector drives, install dynamic braking resistors and isolation transformers, install replacement AC induction hoist motors, bridge and trolley brake motors (25HP, 10HP and .75 HP), main line contactor, main circuit breaker, cable track system, control relays, speed encoders, brake rectifiers. Included in the modernization were couplings, alignment, electrical buss guard and hook safety latches. Performed structural analysis to verify adequacy of walkway to support additional loading, and to determine method of spreading test loads on erection bay floor. Final acceptance tests, including load test, and operation and maintenance training were provided. Final submittals included as-built drawings and operation and maintenance manuals.

65 Ton Equipment Rating
$351,893.00 Contract Value
8/1/2003 Completion

We provided all project management functions including: Design, management, procurement, manufacturing management, subcontract administration, quality control, submittals, schedules, as well as contractual matters with the owner.

We provided manufacturing, field mechanical and structural work, and field electrical.

Specific equipment to be supplied, manufactured and installed includes: new hoist motors, brake motors, AC Flux Vector Drives, transformers, resistors, couplings, cable track system, hook safety latches, electrical buss guard, and operators control console. Items installed and connected by our field electrical wiremen are:

Power, hoist and drive cabinets and system components.

Brake controllers, resistor cabinets, motors and control/limit switch devices.

Raceways and conduit systems, encoders, cable track system and supports.

Bridge Cranes Rehabilitation, Lookout Point and Dexter Dams, Lowell, Oregon

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District

Lookout Point: Rehabilitation of 200T Bridge Crane. The entire crane was inspected and recommendations made to the customer. Main Hoists, Aux. Hoists, Cantilever Hoist, trolley drives, and bridge drives were rehabilitated. Engineering lift plans were developed for replacement of large components. Safe access was provided throughout the crane per OSHA & EM-385. New operators cab, hoist drums & gears were provided.

Dexter: Rehabilitation of 100T Bridge Crane. The entire crane was inspected and recommendations made to the customer. Main Hoists, Aux. Hoists, trolley drives, and bridge drives were rehabilitated. Engineering lift plans were developed for replacement of large components. New operators cab, hoist drums & gears were provided.

Statistical / Equipment Rating

Hoisting Capacity

  • Lookout Point
    • Main hoist, 2 each 100 Tons, total capacity 200Tons
    • Aux hoists, 2 each at 15 tons
    • Cantilever Hoist 7.5 Tons
    • Bridge Span 60 feet
  • Dexter
    • Main Hoist, 2 each at 50 Tons; total capacity 100 Tons
    • Aux Hoists, 2 each at 15 tons
    • Bridge Span 52 feet

Hoist Travel Speeds

  • Lookout Point
    • Main Hoist, 5 feet per minute, travel range 61 vertical feet
    • Aux Hoists, 20 feet per minute, travel range 73.5 vertical feet
    • Cantilever Hoist, 20 feet per minute, travel range 60 vertical feet
  • Dexter
    • Main Hoist, 5 feet per minute, travel range 60 vertical feet
    • Aux Hoists, 25 feet per minute, travel range 75 vertical feet


  • $5,335,000 Contract Value
    12/29/08 Completion date

Working with our electrical engineering team, K&N’s UL508 Panel Shop was responsible for electrical upgrades including modernized crane controls, a touch-screen control interface (HMI), variable-frequency drives, programmable logic controllers, cab comfort controls, lighting switches, and all breaker panels.

Field Demolition and Installation

By leveraging our extensive project management and crane rehabilitation experience, K&N successfully managed project planning and scheduling to ensure resources were effectively managed.  From project inception through completion, our experienced team worked closely with sub-contractors to keep the crane rehabilitation project on schedule and within budget.

Box Canyon Power House Crane

Pend O'rielle County PUD

Redesigned from single cab to a dual cab and electrical equipment room. Fabricated both operator's cab and electrical equipment room.

100 Ton Equipment Rating
$142,600 Contract Value
March 2008 Completion Date

Round Butte Dam Hydro Project Selective Water Withdrawal Structure

Portland General Electric

In 2007, Portland General Electric (PGE) and the Warm Springs Tribe of Indians began work on the latest improvements to the 40 year old Pelton Round Butte Dam Hydroelectric project. The objective was to construct a $130M facility that would meet the tightening regulatory requirements under their federal operating license. This one-of-a-kind project is known as the Selective Water Withdrawal (SWW) facility, and was completed in Spring 2009.

The SWW is a 260 foot tall, 6.5M lb structure, built of steel and concrete in four major components: the selective water bottom (SWB), the vertical flow conduit (VFC), the selective water top (SWT), and the fish transfer facility (FTF). Due to the size and nature of the project, the components were built independently in the water. The SWT and FTF are floating structures.

The different types of equipment that K&N provided on this project are as unique as the project itself. Cranes, compressed air systems, process control systems, and hydraulic gates located 250 feet below the lake surface are just a few of the distinctive features that K&N was responsible for.

The SWW will modify the surface currents in Lake Billy Chinook to mimic the downstream flow of the three contributing rivers in order to aid fish migration. The SWW is designed to pass the entire flow of the Deschutes and Metolius Rivers through the top (SWT) structure. The major objectives of this project are to reorient the surface currents toward the dam, safely capture migrating salmonids, and manage downstream water quality during seasonal discharge events. This will all be accomplished while meeting discharge permit regulations and maintaining hydroelectric generation capacity. This project stands as the largest hydro project contained entirely within the state of Oregon.


Submerged (-250 ft) Equipment Rating
$10,000,000 Contract Value
April 2009 Completion Date