Industries We Serve


K&N has been designing, building, and installing control panels in the agriculture market for over 20 years.

K&N's trained technicians can do both static and dynamic testing for all of your critical motors and controls.

  • Our Baker Advanced Winding Analyzer (AWA) will diagnose any potential winding and insulation problems to avoid unscheduled downtime and/or catastrophic failures
  • Using the Baker Explorer IV we can perform a complete circuit analysis of your fully loaded motor to determine any operational problems while your motor remains in service.

Using state of the art equipment and training K&N maintains a crew certified in vibration analysis, laser alignment, and thermography. We have become the leader in these cutting edge technologies.

  • Vibration Analysis and trending enables motors and pumps to reach their maximum life expectancy while minimizing unscheduled outages and failures. The data collected can be used to
    diagnose both mechanical and electrical issues.
  • Laser Alignment ensures the smooth operations of the motor and pump by eliminating unwanted vibrations, shaft flex, and premature bearing failure. Proper alignment reduces your power consumption significantly.
  • Our Thermography equipment (FLIR) provides instantaneous results, showing potential failure points in motor controls, circuit breakers, switchgear, transformers, and motors. We provide a thorough and easy to understand reporting package.

K&N can handle all of your motor/pump repair requirements, from the smallest centrifugal pump to the largest turbine pumps.